React.js + LaTeX

Toy app exploring how LaTeX can be used with React.js.

Since I'm prioritizing performance and server-side rendering (SSR) over breadth of supported environments, I've gone with KaTeX by the team at Khan Academy.

Definitely worth checking out if, you know, you're into that kind of thing.

[max:aixs.t.:Diaidi][min:pidis.t.:piDi=xpi0]\begin{bmatrix} \begin{array}{rl} max: & \mathbf{a}_i^{\top}\mathbf{x} \\ s.t.: & \mathbf{D}_i\mathbf{a}_i \, \leq \, \mathbf{d}_i \end{array} \end{bmatrix} \leftrightarrow \begin{bmatrix} \begin{array}{rl} min: & \mathbf{p}_i^{\top}\mathbf{d}_i \\ s.t.: & \mathbf{p}^{\top}_i\mathbf{D}_i \, = \, \mathbf{x} \\ & \mathbf{p}_i \, \geq \, 0 \end{array} \end{bmatrix}
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